New Music Tuesday! (March 17): Modest Mouse, AWOLNATION, Twin Shadow & more good stuff

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As you may have noticed, I am not Leilani. She’s on a much-needed vacation, so you’ll be stuck with me for the next two weeks. I’m the intern, which means they normally yell and spit at me when I make their coffees wrong and work at the desk with the broken computer chair. Just kidding. Except for the chair part. That right armrest is really wonky.

Before we get started, here’s a little bit about me. I’m a senior at the University of South Florida who’s studying magazine journalism and sociology, and over the past few months, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of working with the Creative Loafing staff! Thanks guys.

Fun fact: my favorite drink is Baby Guinness (XO Patrón and Baileys). What better excuse to try it than Saint Patrick’s Day?

But enough about me. There’s a lot of new releases today, and I’ve compiled a list to help you cut through the noise.

Aaron Bruno (AWOLNATION)
Aaron Bruno (AWOLNATION)

AWOLNATION, Run (Red Bull Records)
Obligatory AWOLNATION mention.

Go Wolf, Running (Ooh La La)
This UK-based indie-pop band is up and coming. They’ve hopped the pond and are currently playing at SXSW surrounding the release of their first EP, Running. The four-song EP is quick, catchy and will leave you begging for more.

Houndmouth, Little Neon Limelight (Rough Trade Records)
There’s a reason why Spotify featured Houndmouth as one of the bands set to explode in 2015: these guys are great. NPR praised their first album as “near perfect,” and their follow-up expands on their ’60s-rock-tinged country sound but keeps the soothing four-part harmonies. Check out their new single, “Sedona,” below.

Inventions, Maze of Woods (Temporary Residence Limited)
In an it-was-meant-to-be collaboration, Mark Smith (Explosions in the Sky) and Matthew Cooper (Eluvium) have released a masterpiece featuring a cacophony of found sounds, trippy loops and eerie vocals. Below’s a track from Maze of Woods.



Modest Mouse, Strangers to Ourselves (Epic)
The indie giants are back at it with the release of the extremely anticipated Strangers to Ourselves, keeping their iconic folk-rock allure. Listen to their new single “The Best Room” below.

Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing, Elliott Smith
In a genuinely beautiful and haunting tribute, folk duo Avett and Mayfield pay homage to the late Elliott Smith.

Simon Joyner, Grass, Branch & Bone (Woodsist)
Today marks veteran singer-songwriter Joyner’s 13th album. His passionate, raw lyrics have inspired many for over 20 years, including Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes). Listen to his new single “You Got Under My Skin” below. Can you hear the similarities?

Sleeping With Sirens
, Madness (Epitaph)
Madness marks the Orlando-originated screamo rockers’ fourth album overall and first album with label Epitaph.

Stone Jack Jones, Love & Torture (Western Vinyl)

Twin Shadow, Eclipse (Warner Bros. Records)
New Wave songwriter George Lewis Jr. (aka Twin Shadow) has seen unprecedented fame since his breakthrough album Confess in 2012. In December, he released a video for “Turn Me Up,” the single on Eclipse. What some are calling “creepy” others are calling “sexy.”

Wand,Golem (In the Red)
The Canadian lo-fi foursome lays down “some artsy shit,” according to frontman Cory Hanson, today with the release of Golem. Wand loves chugging distorted power chords over distant, wet vocals, reminiscent of that one psychedelic trip in your parent’s garage.

Here’s their newest single, “Reaper Invert”

Bonus WAND video! Because why not? The animation is phenomenal.

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